Catholic Identity

Faith - Knowledge - Service

As Catholic's we believe in the importance of integrating the virtue of Faith into the lives of our students through prayer and the Liturgy:

  • We provide Mass for our students twice a week.
  • Our students have opportunities to participate in the Mass by reading the Scriptures, altar serving and offering gifts.
  • Students start and end the day with prayer.
  • The 2nd and 8th grade students participate in an annual retreat.
  • Teachers participate in an annual retreat.

The virtue of Knowledge is incorporated into religious education and the presence of appropriate symbols, such as statues, crucifixes, and religious pictures:

  • The school currently uses Alive in Christ series from Our Sunday Visitor. These texts are comprehensive and approved by the diocese, meeting all curriculum requirements.
  • Each classroom has a statue of Mary, Mother of God, providing the students with the opportunity to learn about her example and love of God.
  • Each classroom has a Crucifix, providing the students with the opportunity to witness God’s love for them.
  • Each classroom is assigned two patron saints: one male and one female. Their pictures are displayed and books on the lives of the saints are available to students.

Our school strives to imitate our patron, Saint Vincent de Paul, through dedicated acts of Service both during school hours and through extracurricular activities:

  • Students at St. Vincent are encouraged to be good stewards through their behavior in and out of the classroom and their participation in various fundraisers for other worthwhile charitable organizations. Each grade “adopts” an agency/organization each year to provide prayer and service.
  • The school requires all students, Kindergarten though 8th, to complete community service hours.
  • The school has developed a Young Vincentians group for students in grades 4th through 8th. The students perform acts of service, prayer, and work in conjunction with the St. Vincent de Paul society to increase awareness of the plight of the poor and the underprivileged of Elkhart.